Rigging Eyebolt Installation – Kings Place Music Foundation

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Kings Place recently collaborated with EEE Build to install 10 new anchor points in Hall 2 to support our state-of-the-art d&b audiotechnik Soundscape system. The installation project presented some challenges, the most significant of which was the discovery of a void in the ceiling. This required a customized approach to the installation process.

EEE Build demonstrated exceptional adaptability and expertise, devising a strategy for navigating the varied depths of the void using specific sizes and lengths of materials to ensure a secure connection to the concrete slab above. Their commitment to overcoming this challenge was commendable and crucial to maintaining the project’s timeline and safety standards.

In addition to the anchor points, EEE Build also played a vital role in the installation of electric hoists. These are a key component for the operational efficiency and safety of our Soundscape system. Their work on the hoists, coupled with the anchor points, has significantly enhanced the functionality and reliability of Hall 2.

The precision and diligence EEE Build’s applied to both tasks were exemplary. Following the installations, comprehensive testing confirmed the safety and effectiveness of the newly installed systems. This has enabled Kings Place to offer an elevated audio experience, contributing positively to the quality of events and audience experience.

In summary, EEE Build’s professional handling of complex challenges and their contribution to enhancing our venue’s capabilities have been outstanding. Their assistance with both the anchor points and electric hoists underlines their versatility and commitment to quality. We highly recommend EEE Build’s for their exemplary service and thank them for their significant impact on improving Kings Place’s infrastructure and event offerings.

Installation inspections label for future LOLER purposes.

inspections label for future LOLER purposes.

image showing chain hoist in ceiling.

After – Chainhoist hung from eyebolt in ceiling, Out of sight.

image of before the works

Before – Chainhoist hung below the grid in clear sight of audience.

Panorama of room

Customers panorama of finished installation



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April 29, 2024