Entertainment Installations

The Live Events industry is where we began, it’s also why we are more agile than most suppliers, we’re used to “the show must go on” mentality and pride ourselves on being able to respond to situations quickly when appropriate. Although installations are our main service, we also have several years experience in design, planning, inspections and consultation.

Our Approach

From Live events, to pre-recorded, Theatre, Sport, Film, Tv, Music and the rest! You’ll find Triple E products on all aspects of these. From Variable acoustic systems in live venues and recording studios, to scenic tracks on stage and screen. We take great pride in installing Triple E products throughout the entertainment industry.


Reliable & Efficient Entertainment Installations

A dynamic industry which has embedded an agile response to challenges and creative problem solving to our arsenal.

Our commitment to a fast turnaround has become the cornerstone of our operations, driving us to consistently deliver efficient solutions with precision and speed.