So you’re trying to say you build houses now? Not quite. Modular structures are something that we see in the entertainment industry since the boom of touring Rock and Roll, Artists such as Queen, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin all pioneered the use of scaffolding and Truss in the stage industries.

What we do

We offer all of the below consultancy within all of our packages, always striving to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. But we can also be contracted to consult on projects, feasibility, budget, scope, and delivery in a wide range of areas.



Triple E are the UK distributor for the American Product: Modtruss ™ (imperial). However Triple E have also Pioneered their own Metric innovative modular structural system BEEEM ™.

EEE Build, through our parent company Triple E can provide both of the BEEEM and Modtruss Ranges. We have a range of experience in ground supports and other structural solutions, Including Truss, Steelwork, Layher, and other systems.

Which we can provide through our supply chain. We have worked closely with national and international clients in a range of industries, from Defence, Manufacturing, Construction and of course Live Events.

Modular Structure Sales
Modular Structures Installations



Alongside Triple E; We have installed a large quantity of both Triple E’s innovative modular structural system BEEEM ™ (Metric) and the American structural system – MODTRUSS ™ (imperial) through EEE being the UK distributor for the latter.

As a Company, in 2020 EEE Build installed its first Modtruss ™ system for the defence manufacturing giant – Babcock. A welcome injection during the pandemic, and providing work for a lot of people who were otherwise dependent on the shutdown entertainment industry. Since then we have grown this aspect of our business. Expanding into Training structures for the enforcement industry, and of course Entertainment.

The largest single structure we have built to date was for the new Venue for Manchester: Aviva Studios. Measuring 7.5 m High, 13 m Long and 10.5 m Wide, with a clear internal span of 10.25 m, 2 floors: consisting an internal gallery, 2 sets of stairways to the roof, an external lift, and a full public access viewing platform on the roof. The structure Weighed 27.5 t, consisted of 0.8 km of BEEEM and over 7,000 Fasteners, and met all public access regs and design Eurocodes.

Due to the requirements of the project, this structure was completed in 7 days, with a tolerance of +/- 1.5 mm.



When it comes to signing off structures as safe to use. We can only take responsibility for structures that we have either built, or that have been built using Modtruss or BEEEM. We have partners and associates who can sign off on Layher and structural steel.

Structural inspection requirements are clearly defined in a raft of Eurocodes and BS EN Regulations. With Temporary demountable structures having their own additional guidance, and places of entertainment also having further requirements.

We offer Inspections as part of our installation packages for these structures. But also have service level agreements and packages available for structures within our remit, that have been provided by others.

Modular Structures Inspections
Modular Structures Maintenance



As part of our Service level agreements and inspection packages structural systems also need to be maintained, and quite often this maintenance need is raised from an inspection. In this sector preventative maintenance is key. One cannot wait for tell-tale signs of damage to attend to ones responsibilities.

Safety is our Bedrock, and experience the strength in our arm, we can ensure that your structures are suitable for use for the duration of their designed lifespan.


Load Testing

Load testing is often necessary to prove compliance to the regulations. Whether by legislative recommendations, Approved Codes of Practice, manufacturers instructions, or structural Engineers request.

We stock a Modest amount of test weight, and have partners and associates who can supply more in a short space of time alongside all manner of accessories such as load cells and monitoring.