Specialist Consultancy

Hopefully if you’ve navigated to this part of the website, you already know who we are and what we do, or you’ve availed yourself of the information here online. And therefore, you will already be certain that we are an industry leader in consultancy.

What we do

We offer all of the below consultancy within all of our packages, always striving to ensure the best outcomes for our clients. But we can also be contracted to consult on projects, feasibility, budget, scope, and delivery in a wide range of areas.


Staging Equipement Consultancy

Our key proficiency here, is making items on stage go: up, down, upstage, downstage, stage left and stage right. All at once if required. We do this through our core knowledge of:  Lifting operations, Track systems and Structural components. 

If you’re in the market for Moving People, Scenery or Others in spectacular ways. Then look no further.

Rigging Consultancy


Rigging & Lifting Consultancy

We’ve seen dozens of new venues, built with the very best intentions when it comes to rigging. Only to fail at the delivery stage, and leave a venue with a less than industry standard setup. Which in some occasions is frankly dangerous.

If you’re in the market for a permanent or temporary rigging infrastructure, Rigging Design, system or general advice, then your in the right place. From temporary to permanent, powered or manual we have a wide range of experience with both the lightest and most delicate of loads, to 27.5t Multi lift structures


Modular Structure Consultancy

Being on the design team that brough BEEEM ™ from paper, to testing, and in due course to market, we have a thorough understanding of its uses, constraints, benefits and pitfalls.

Alongside practical time served experience with Modtruss ™, Truss, Layher, and other modular structural systems, and traditional structural steel works. We can advise on the best way to navigate your requirements.

Modular structure consultancy
Inspections health and safety consultancy


Inspections, Health and Safety & Legislative Consultancy

Through our years of experience we have been obliged to facilitate numerous legal elements into design, manufacture, and operation in all the afore mentioned sectors, services and components.

We are delighted to share our knowledge to further improve the safety of others. Whether you need advice on inspection criteria, scope and range, or guidance on health and safety processes for building and de-constructing, we would be thrilled to call ourselves your partner.

With specific competencies in outdoor structures, live events, structural builds and break downs, Inspections under various legislation and best practices, we are aptly placed to assist.


Design & Structural Engineering Consultancy

From Blue Sky Concepts to Nuts and Bolts detail we have been assisting clients with the design outcomes of projects for some time. With key partners in design engineering, mechanical engineering, and structural engineering, using our experience to underpin our decisions we can steer you in the right direction for the right outcome.

 We champion “concepts within the world of physics”, too many times have we seen entertainment designers concepts that do not tally with the world of physics. We lead an approach that sees design ideals realised in a feasible and achievable way.

Design & Structural Engineering Consultancy