Inspection, Service and Maintenance

Many of our clients are familiar with what inspection requirements the law places upon them, but equally sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the labyrinth of legislative framework and regulations. That’s where we step in and do the hard work for you. 

We can ascertain what legislation applies to your equipment and look after it under that framework.  

Why EEE Build?

One of the biggest issues we encounter with clients, inspections, and remedial works, is that some companies see inspections as a way to generate unnecessary work. We’re different!

Whilst inspections is one of the most common ways to identify areas for improvement and requirement for preventative maintenance. Should we find faults that need to be remedied, we are of course only too happy to undertake that work.However, we also pride ourselves on providing sufficient transparent information about a fault as to empower our clients to put remedial works out to quote.

We want you to choose us because we offer the best service at competitive prices.



It is a critical component of our work to be able to inspect and sign off installations competently. From Rigging installations to Modular structural builds – Safety s critical.

EEE Build Ltd applies this scrutiny to our whole approach to inspecting equipment. Not only are we proficient in carrying out inspections on the whole range and back catalogue of Triple E’s Products. We also Complete Rigging and lifting Equipment inspections, Load Testing, PPE inspections, LOLER equipment Inspections and other inspections under Relevant regulation such as PUWER and WAH, etc.



Servicing & Maintenance

Not only do we professionally install and inspect a wide range of equipment, we are also competent in servicing and maintenance of that equipment and more.

Whether the requirement is for Annual preventative maintenance, Restorative work, correctional works or remedial action we have a wide range of experience in keeping things… on Track.


Load Testing

Sometimes it is necessary to load test equipment, whether by LEEA recommendations, manufacturers instructions, or structural Engineers request.

We stock a Modest amount of test weight, and have partners and associates who can supply more in a short space of time alongside all manner of accessories such as load cells and monitoring. 

Load Testing