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We’ve come pretty late to the industry, we weren’t around for Plato, or the colosseum, Georgians or the Victorians for that matter. Today, whilst stage engineering is still mainly focused on the stage, its products and services have expanded out to wider industries. Our parent company Triple E is best known and loved for its stage engineering solutions.

What Is Stage Engineering?

Well briefly put it is all the Back of house Engineering that makes a stage work, and makes shows happen. Specific Engineering for the stage can perhaps be traced back to 375 BCE and Plato. This is where the scenic Element of Periaktos is first mentioned in writing. But if one considers all the winches, floods, flown gates, and trapdoors in the Colosseum, one can start to see how stage engineering developed. Stage Effects (end the engineering required) was vastly improved by the Georgians and Victorians. And now we find ourselves in the digital age of top quality stage effects.

At EEE Build, we are highly competent in installing all of Triple E’s world leading range of products.  Bringing our own experience to bear, we are also competent in a wider range of services.



EEE Build Ltd. supplies at competitive prices all manner of off-shelf and Bespoke Stage Equipment. From Winches to stage decking, Drapes to Counterweights. We have fantastic partners in all manner of steel and aluminium fabricating, precision engineering in a wide array of materials and experts in crafting timber elements.

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Here at the company we have been installing stage equipment since 2020, but our staff didn’t just spring out of the ground fully formed in engineering. We have a wealth of experience that pre-dates the formation of the company.

This means we are competent in installing all manner of stage equipment, not just Triple E Equipment. We’re happy to work on equipment you already have, or equipment you are procuring direct. We’re also happy to remove or relocate prior installed equipment.



Safety is the bedrock of EEE Build. Inspections are a key part of our business.  Our competence in inspecting lies heavily in the mechanical and structural departments, but we have partners who are NIC EIC and PAT accredited to work on all manner of stage equipment.

Whether the equipment is covered by LOLER, PUWER, PPE, or other manufacturers requirements. We’re happy to work on equipment you already have. We not only inspect equipment we have installed, but in the right circumstances are happy to inspect all manner of stage equipment. If you know you need an inspection to be legally compliant, but aren’t sure which… Then give us a call!

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Equipment needs to be maintained, and quite often this maintenance need is raised from an inspection or a break down. Whilst we would always prefer to be completing preventative maintenance to avert machinery failures. Sometimes equipment just goes wrong. As such we are able to troubleshoot, test and bring back on-line all manner of stage equipment.

Working in the theatre industry, we understand that sometimes an agile response is needed to ensure that broken equipment doesn’t become a show-stopper!


Load Testing

Sometimes it is necessary to load test equipment, whether by LEEA recommendations, manufacturers instructions, or structural Engineers request.

We stock a Modest amount of test weight, and have partners and associates who can supply more in a short space of time alongside all manner of accessories such as load cells and monitoring.

Stage Engineering Load Testing