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With a long career in Rigging unusual items our director continues this offering by fostering a culture of safety grounded in the rigging industry. As such we have a team of NRC level 2 and 3 Riggers some with LEEA qualifications allowing us to offer a full range of rigging and lifting solutions to our clients, whether as a stand alone service or embedded within our other offerings.

What Is Rigging?

We consider Rigging as Suspending, Lifting or Lowering of any item, and the works required to achieve this outcome. From Structural Engineering, Secondary steel works, to installation of suspension points, Hoists, Truss and control systems to name but a few. With several years of experience within the rigging industry, our team offers a variety of industry leading services.


Rigging Sales

EEE Build Ltd. has a wide range of contacts within the rigging supply chain. We offer full package solutions, and “dry sales” at competitive prices. Our Full package set up can take you from being a venue with no Rigging systems or options through to a venue with excellent capabilities.

We provide everything from Structural Engineering Services to assess your current structure and design adaptations, right through to the Drape that ties onto the front of house truss and everything in-between

Rigging Sales
Rigging Consultancy



We have been rigging since 2020, but our staff didn’t just spring out of the ground fully formed in rigging. We have one of the widest ranges of rigging experience for a company of our size. Our experience pre-dates the formation of the company.

Our MD “cut his teeth” Rigging internationally in theatre, Games, Live events, Museums and More. Working directly for a major rigging company. He brings this experience with him, and champions it within His staff and recruitment. This means we are Highly skilled in installing all manner of rigging.



Rigging inspection requirements are clearly defined under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER), Items outside the scope of LOLER are covered by the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER), items may also be governed by the PPE Regulations governing the inspection of PPE, and Working at Height Regulations regarding how the work is completed.

We offer Both annual and 6 Monthly LOLER, PUWER, and PPE inspections. We also offer Interim inspections, Exceptional Circumstance inspections and Written Schemes for inspections.

Whether the equipment is covered by LOLER, PUWER, PPE, or other manufacturers requirements. We’re happy to work on equipment you already have. We not only inspect equipment we have installed, but also all rigging installed by others. If you know you need an inspection to be legally compliant, but aren’t sure which… Then give us a call!

Rigging Inspections
Rigging Maintenance



Equipment needs to be maintained, and quite often this maintenance need is raised from an inspection or a break down. Whilst we would always prefer to be completing preventative maintenance to avert machinery failures. Sometimes equipment just goes wrong. As such we are able to troubleshoot, test and bring back on-line all manner of equipment.

Working in the theatre industry, we understand that sometimes an agile response is needed to ensure that broken equipment doesn’t become a show-stopper! With Safety as our Bedrock, and experience the strength in our arm, we can circumvent machinery breakdowns to ensure your venue is safe to open.


Load Testing

Sometimes it is necessary to load test equipment, whether by LEEA recommendations, manufacturers instructions, or structural Engineers request.

We stock a Modest amount of test weight, and have partners and associates who can supply more in a short space of time alongside all manner of accessories such as load cells and monitoring.

Rigging Load Testing